Friday, June 15, 2012

Warriors Orochi 3 - crossover, and more crossover

Bought last April, I don't really have a plan to buy Warriors Orochi 3 because 1. I don't think I've played its prequel. 2. My gaming schedule is soo preoccupied by FFXIII-2, and then Tales of Grace F. And 3. The game's BD was so bloody expensive compared to other normal PS3 games. But in the end, I ended up buying the game because I thought I need a hack-and-slash game to play whenever I'm not playing Tales of Grace F, plus I've already completely finished with Sengoku Basara 3. So here it is, splashing RM200.00 for a copy of Warriors Orochi 3. 

As I've mentioned above,  I really don't remember whether I've ever played any of the series's previous installment. Most likely, I've never played them since WO1 and WO2 were released while I was still in Australia, and the only PS2 games I remembered ever bought/downloaded during those whole period are P4, Samurai Warriors Empire (or its sequel) and Front Mission 4.

Title:Warriors Orochi 3
Developer: Omega Force/Techmo Koei
Platform: PlayStation 3 (PS3), XBOX 360
Genre: Hack and Slash
Release date: March/April 2012

Despite having bought the game for more than 2 months already, I haven't really had the time to play the game at its fullest because, well, as you may have guessed, Tales of Grace F. Once in awhile, I did stop and play this game. So far, I'm roughly at the beginning of chapter 2, right after Kai and co joined the party. So with the little experience I had with the game, my thoughts on the game so far:

Overall I'd say the gameplay/basic mechanics was pretty much like those in Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors series: normal and strong attacks; jump and aerial attacks, musou and ultimate musou attacks. 3 characters can be selected to battle a stage, and you can freely switch between them in the middle of battle. And all three of them can combile their musou attacks to unleash a devastating finisher that will likely kill any normal bosses. The normal soldiers were far too passive (most of them), though the bosses were pretty strong. The gameplay is definitely much simpler than Sengoku Basara in that the combo wasn't as complex and articulate, and there's probably dozens of characters in Warriors Orochi 3 that shares similar skillsets. Oh, did I say that there's around 150 characters that you can unlock and play in the whole game?

Hero selection
There's way too much characters to choose from in this game. 150 is a lot, currently I've only unlocked like 20-25 of them. The sheer number of character, however kinda made things less interesting for me, because I bet more than half of those characters have similar skillsets that doesn't make them any different than the others (except their musou/charge attack). Some characters did stand above the rest (eg Orochi X, Wukong etc), but I feel that far too many others are underwhelming.

Other features
Tea Party to raise affinity between characters; lots of unlockable stuff in extra menu; lots of stage in story mode; weapon tempering and upgrade; and Musou Battlefield that allow you to create a battlefield, and customize it any way you want and then shares it online. If I had more time with the game (which I believe I don't), I'd probably play around with this feature though.

All in all, I'd way that while Warriors Orochi 3 was a fun game to play and a good pick for me to kill time and play some short stages, the overall enjoyment I had in this game is less than what I had while playing series like Sengoku Basara 3. Maybe because I like the less serious tone adopted in SB3, or maybe because I like the unique characters and elaborate combos in SB3.  I know, these 2 are entirely different series with different approach and slightly different gamepla, but comparison between the two is inevitable. I bet I won't even had the time to try all 150 characters once I unlocked them.