Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Impression Series: Spring 2012 [Part 2]

Damn I'm sure taking my time for this (Tales of Grace F is just too awesome). I was supposed to post this weeks ago, but somehow I totally forgot about it and the entry ended up in my draft. Now this is not even supposed to be called a first impression entry...well I guess no use keeping it forever in my draft list, so I might as well finish the post now before I forgot about it again. Nonetheless, not much to add to the 6 series I've watched in my part 1.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Genre: mystery, romance, supernatural, comedy
Studio Production: Silver Link
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: When I looked at the anime list released for this season some months ago, for some reason I had a feeling that this series would be the show I would “probably” enjoy the most this season, together with Sankarea. And my hunch was correct. Amnesia, while vaguely similar to Sankarea, was quite entertaining in much more different ways. For one, the OP song Choir Jail was so awesome I don’t think I would remove it from my playlist for a long time (along with Kusoo Merosogii and Dead End). Secondly, the plot was entertaining. From the existence of the legendary ghost named Yuuko that haunts the school but in fact was a pretty girl who often hanged out with the main character Teichii Niya; other members of Paranormal Investigation Club Okonogi and Kanoe who often made things even more entertaining; the mystery/supernatural elements added every now and then, mainly revolving around Yuuko’s tale and her past; and most importantly, the comedy/romance. The animation art was magnificently done with many scenes incorporating darker background to complement the theme. And I like the fact that sometimes it assimilate SHAFT's unique animation style, with the unique camera angle, random dialogue appearing every now and then…
verdict: 5/5

Genre: mystery, school life
Studio Production: Kyoto Animation
Number of Episodes: 21
Comments: Finally another show by KyoAni, but I didn’t really expect they would go for this kind of series. You know…the mild mystery genre that once engulfed the Suzumiya Haruhi series, but without the element of supernatural in it. Hyouka tells the story of an “eco-friendly” boy named Oreki Houtarou who doesn’t like to get involved in anything and would rather preserve his energy...for nothing. Until one day when he was “coerced” into joining the Classic Club by his sister, met a super curious girl named Chitanda Eru, and from that point his energy conservation lifestyle seems to be over, no thanks to his great logic and analysis ability. The little mystery that came in every episode was well crafted given the fact that Houtarou often solved it in the simplest manner possible, then when it comes to the bigger mystery, he used every possible information available to draw the most feasible answer to the puzzle. Despite their contrasting nature, the unenthusiastic Houtarou and energetically curious Chitanda, along with their friends Fukube and Ibara are quite good pairings when it comes to doing their routine club activities.
 verdict: 4.5/5
p/s: is this the season of long black haired girl? Rea of Sankarea, Yuuko of Amnesia, Yuka of Natsuiro Kiseki, Chitanda of Hyouka....

Hiiro no Kakera
Genre: fantasy, romance, supernatural
Studio Production: Studio DEEN
Number of Episodes: 26
Comments: Damn now it’s already over 8 episodes, can’t even call this a first impression, huh. When the series first aired, I’ve never really planned to put this into my watchlist. But as I watched a few more episodes, I kinda started to like the series, maybe because it had the resemblance to Hakuouki, from the reverse harem point, and the same production of studio DEEN. Mind you I’m no fan of reverse harem, but those from DEEN seem to have something that I enjoyed. Maybe the action/supernatural factor, maybe the animation art…The plot revolves around a girl named Tamaki, a descendant of the powerful Tamayori princess and hence was targeted by all kind of menaces, but surrounding her are 5 guardians assigned to protect her. The plot was rather slow at first but then it started to build up quickly once those people that targeted Tamaki appeared, complemented by some nice fighting scenes. One thing I’m really hoping for though is that it won’t have a disappointing ending, like Hakuouki. And I want to see the romance more. Well, a long way to go I guess.
verdict: 4/5

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Genre: comedy
Studio Production: Xebec
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: my god, an anime with all the weird names from cthulhu mythos, thanks HP Lovecraft. Never been the fan of the work so I’ll put the mythology aside, but I certainly had a lot of laugh watching the craziness of the characters in this series, the ridiculousness of the jokes, the repeated gags that reminds me to Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro-chan. But with less guro. So the story (well do people really care about the plot of this series?) is about Nyaruko (aka Nyarlathotep), a totally messed up "deity" withh so many crazy shit going on inside her head, coming to earth for the sole reason to protect a boy named Mahiro Yasaka, and subsequently all kind of other “mystic” creatures/aliens came either to help them or to oppose/break them. To be honest there’s really not much for me to say, the plot was forgettable but it was balanced by the unique characters, pretty animation and funny jokes. A light-hearted comedy series like this is always welcomed into my watchlist.
verdict: 3.5/5