Saturday, May 12, 2012

Victory Quotes

....and and this is one of the reason why Tales series are so enjoyable, especially Tales of Grace F. Pascal, Sophie, Malik, Cheria, Asbel, Hubert and to some extent, Richard made things really entertaining XD

or for just the English sound clips to complement the video above;

still a long way to finish the game...I mean, Platinum it. Gonna enjoy it slowly.


Shirt said...

Ugh.. your so lucky. I found a PS3 that's reverse compatible with 60GB for 275.00 USD. Is that good? Should I go for it?

seraph said...

I think that's good enough, if you don't plan to play other game that much. Because I think you should aim for something that has at least 120+ GB storage. Anyway it's up to you, go grab Tales of Grace F Fast! : D

I've already finished the game (along with the future arc), now working toward Platinuming the game : )