Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Impression Series: Summer 2012 [Part 1]

(No) thanks to Tales of Grace F, my time spent watching anime last spring was severely limited (in the end I ended up with only Hyouka, Kuroko, Amnesia and Sankarea in my weekly watchlist while others were still in my on-hold list). But now that I’ve nearly platinumed the game (only 1 trophy left), I should have more time to spend on anime, or at least keep up with more titles this season than last spring. And so far, Summer 2012 offered quite a number of series that have taken a lot of my interest.  I guess I'll just make this a quick of an impression.
p/s: Hakuouki without Yukimura is kinda boring : (

Moyashimon Returns 
Genre: comedy, microbiology (lol)
Studio Production: Shirogumi Inc
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: So, why not start with the series I wanted to watch the most this season, Moyashimon Returns. I can never forget the first season, one of the few series that actually brought me deeply into anime back then in 2007. It's good to see the series back. The stories needs no explanation, and being a former agricultural student who partially involved in bacterial work and fermentation processes, I found the theme really engaging. Everyone returned and still haven't changed much, though I would say the art for some of the characters seems to be tweaked a little (especially Oikawa and Sawaki). The microbes were cute, the comedy was funny, and just like season 1, the story did a great job in explaining a lot of fermentation and bacterial stuff in the series. Especially the ED song, that was awesome (and always made me smile when they introduce those microbes). As for where the plot will go after this...well as long as they keep the story interesting, funny and informative, I'm all in for the series. Oh yeah, I'm still kinda interested about why Kei drop out of college and changed into a Trap : )
verdict: 5/5 (absolutely must watch!)

Arcana Famiglia 
Genre: action, comedy, drama
Studio Production: J.C. Staff
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: Okay, I thought I was in for some Baccano treat, but I realized I was wrong after about 10 minutes into the first episode. The premise of battle tournament between group members, each with their own arcana powers (being arguably the strongest, it's no wonder that the Papa and Mama are The World and Judgement respectively) to select the new leader for the group were interesting to say the least, and the animation art was quite excellent to boot. Unfortunately, the characters left me a bit unimpressed. Yes they are unique, gifted with special powers blablabla, but I just can't help but finding the guys in the group typical, boring and uninteresting, especially the reckless Liberta (Fool arcana, huh?). It's gonna be interesting to see how each of them are going to develop and utilize their Arcana power for the battle, if that ever happened.
p/s: somehow I prefer Nova-Fecilita pairing more than Liberta.
verdict: 3/5 (might continue watching)

Tari Tari 
Genre: comedy, drama
Studio Production: P.A. Works
Number of Episodes: 13
Comments: Am I weird for saying that the title is awful? Nonetheless, the first few episodes gave me quite a good impression. A likeable and fascinating story of a group of student in their final year of high school, each with their own unique backgrounds and pasts, trying to live their dream  (or rather, a person's dream), brought together and ended up creating a club that benefits all of them, one way or another (Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club, really?). Neat and beautiful graphic as expected from P.A. Works, from the background scenery to character creation, as well as great choice of seiyuu. And, True Tear's Reflectia OP song certainly caught my attention in episode 1, that choir was great and brings back good old memories : )
verdict: 4.5/5 (watching)

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 
Genre: action, drama, fantasy, romance
Studio Production: ARMS
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: Hagure Yuusha no Erotica...? So much of my impression in the first 2 episodes, but it changed a little in episode 3, because surprisingly there's not a single uncensored stuff! Thank goodness (lol). I like the story - imagine (or some sort) Tidus beat Jecth and Yu Yevon, take its daughter (whoever it was) and back to his other world of Zanarkand, and the story started from that point onward, where he still inherited whatever combat skill he learned in Spira and had to enroll in some kind of college. Okay, pardon the lame analogy. But you get the gist, that's what the anime basically is, and I like it. The fact that Akatsuki is not your usual weak guy, a bit perverted yet kind-hearted and love to tease people around him (esp those from Student Council) were refreshing and funny. The graphic, action, musics (Faylan!), my favorite seiyuus, I love all of them, and I certainly would not want to miss this anime.
verdict: 4/5 (watching)

Genre: adventure, fantasy, romance, comedy
Studio Production: Diomedea
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: Okay, normal student-turned Godslayer Godou Kusanagi, the Campione, now being hunted by all kind of divine beings for his accomplishment and powers. I've never bothered to read the LN, so my impression was totally based on what I saw from the first 3 episodes of the anime. The story was okay and entertaining at times, but I feel some of the scenes were very predictable and lacked proper buildup (what's the deal with Athena and Krancar, again?). Not to mention that the subpar graphic and battle effect made it a bit less interesting for me. One more thing, while being totally different, I can't help but thinking about 2 other similar shows that's being aired at this same season whenever I watch this anime.
verdict: 3/5

Yuru Yuri 2
Genre: comedy slice of life
Studio Production: Dogakobo
Number of Episodes: 12
Comments: I have to admit that I love the first season, probably one of the very few all-girl, mild yuri shows that I like to watch - mostly because of Kyouko and Ayano lol. And of course, I also like the show because I enjoyed comedy slice of life, if it's done the right way. So now that the second season is out, I guess there's no reason for me "not" to watch the show, although sometimes I feel the random stuff they put in there was... too random? If you know what I mean. Good for some laugh, at least.
verdict: 3.5/5

that's it for part 1.